About - Custom Horse Hair Keepsakes

My Dream Job

I have always loved horses, and always loved making things, so in 2004, when I lost my beloved horse S.P.A. Watcha Me and the veterinarian gave me a pamphlet for a place that made horse hair jewelry, I decided to learn how to learn how to make it myself.

It started out as more of a hobby and a way to make a bit of extra cash, but has since grown into a real business. I am blessed to have a job that combines my two life passions, as well as allows me to create such meaningful keepsakes for my customers!

Most of my orders are from people who have lost a horse and want to send in their own horse hair for a special treasure, and I love hearing the stories of those precious, "once in a lifetime" horses. I consider it an honor every time someone chooses me to create their keepsake, and I see it as an opportunity to pay a small tribute to the great horses who have given their all to their people.

From horse hair jewelry, my creativity keeps spreading little by little, to include ammo jewelry and party lights, as well as hand stamped jewelry... Who knows what's next?

I have the best job in the world. :)

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